What Else Can I Drink Besides Coffee?

We know that while following the military diet, drinking black coffee is actually part of the official menu for day one. Something that the diet appears to leave out is that you should be drinking water throughout your day while using this diet in addition to the coffee. In no way should you ever skip drinking water while using the 3 day military diet. In addition to the coffee the menu calls for, drinking water each day is important to maintain optimal health during and after the diet is over.

Tea is also an accepted drink for the military diet. If you choose to drink tea, keep it light. Don’t drink it in excess and stay away from additives like sugar. This also goes for the coffee, no creamer or sugar.

Always stay away from soda, energy drinks and alcohol during the military diet. Cutting these types of drinks from your life forever is not bad advice, even after the dieting is done.

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