Should You Workout While Doing the 3 Day Military Diet?

As with almost any diet program, working out and getting exercise is encouraged while using the 3 day military diet. The official diet does not really talk about exercise, or there really is no set exercise plan to accompany the diet. However, planning out your own workout to go along with your military diet experience is a great idea.

One important thing to consider is that while on the military diet, you will be eating limited calories. Because of this it may be best to do light exercises, don’t exert yourself too much. Over doing it could be harmful. Always trust your body, if it feels like too much, then stop.

A good exercise idea might be a brisk walk or run. Again, this will depend on your personal fitness levels, don’t over do it. Yoga, stretching, light weight exercises and biking are all acceptable ideas. Setting aside a scheduled time to exercise will help keep you on track. 20-30 minutes is really all you need to get a decent workout.

Even after the diet is over, staying with an exercise routine that keeps you active and gets your heart moving is always a good idea. Here is more information on exercising while using the military diet.

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