question boxQ: What if I can’t finish all the food for a given day?
A: If you feel full than you may want to stop eating. This should be ok, but remember this could cause you to become overly hungry before your next meal. Eating less calories may provide further weight loss depending on the person. Personally, I think you should eat what is on each meal as it states, but if you really are full than I don’t see a problem with not eating everything for a given meal. Remember that day 3 can get tough, you may feel full the first day, but by day 3 you may be glade you ate those extra items.

Q: Can I eat scrambled eggs instead of hard boiled?
A: This diet explains how it is important to adhere to the diet and only eat one egg when shown. However you may use a scrambled egg in place of hard boiled if preferred. Here is a list of food substitutes and possible alternatives for other items on the diet.

Q: Can I do the diet for more than 3 days?
A: The diet is designed as 3 days on 4 days off. The reason for the 4 days off is for stabilization purposes. During the 4 days off you are still eating healthy but mixing things up introducing different proteins, nutrients and fats to your body. During the 4 days eat healthy and exercise then switch back to the 3 day menu again. You may continue this as long as you like and you may lose further pounds. Just remember, 3 days on 4 days off.

This diet has different effects on different people. Our bodies are all unique and all work differently and will adapt to this diet differently. Some will have the ability to lose large amounts of weight and some only a few lbs. It doesn’t mean the the person who only loses a few failed. It just simply means that your body has become wise to your tricks and hitting any curve balls you have to throw. When this happens you just have to figure out the best way to keep it burning as much as possible. For some its working out others it’s a new combination of foods that work best with their body.

Q: Should you workout while doing the 3 day military diet?
A: Exercise is very important with or without a diet. Yes, daily exercise is important while using the 3 day military diet.
It would be best to create an exercise plan that you can stick to and continue even after the diet is over.
Here is more information on exercising while using the diet.

Q: What else can I drink besides coffee or tea?
A: Water: Water is very important and you should always drink plenty throughout your day during any diet and after.

Q: Can I put lemon in my water with the 3 day military diet?
A: Sure, I don’t see any reason why you can’t use fresh lemon or even orange slices with your water. Just don’t use any sugar, sweeteners or other unhealthy items.

Q: Can I use mayo or other types of sauce on the foods?
No. It is preferred that only seasonings like salt and pepper be used. For items such as tuna lemon juice is acceptable.

Q: Is the 3 day military diet really used by the military for weight loss?
Yes, the 3 day military diet started as a tool used by the military personal in order to achieve weigh in goals.
It also has been used by hospitals for many years to help in pre-op medical procedures.

Q: Are there substitutions for some of the items on the diet if I don’t like one of them?
A: Yes, there is a substitutions list on this site. Also feel free incorporate any ideas you may have as well! Because there isn’t a whole lot of information out there for this diet we find that there are so many unexplored avenues yet to be revealed. I have been using “cuties” (little oranges) instead of grapefruit and it works great!

Q: What do I eat on the off days of the diet? The days I’m not doing the 3 days?
A: Eat healthy! Some recommend a 1500 to 2000 calorie a day diet. This sounds perfect for most, but try and stay with fresh foods, meats and vegetables. Going back to old habits of fast food and lots of sweets will just destroy the work you’ve done. One idea is to find a healthy eating plan for the days off. I recently saw an article on a pescetarian diet plan. This seemed healthy as it promotes seafood, vegetables and fruits. If you are a meat lover you might opt more for paleo. It’s up to you just find something healthy that suits your needs and likes.

Q: Can I really substitute any item I want for something else off the substitutes list?
A: No, absolutely not. You need to stick to the diets protocol as close as possible in order to maximize results. We only created the substitutes list to help fill a small void if there is a food item that you just absolutely cannot and will not eat. Even though the substitutes list is large with lots of items, do not use it to completely re-design the menu.

Q: I’m not so sure this diet is for me. I have high blood pressure along with some other minor health issues. Any other diets you recommend or other eating plans besides this diet?
A: Well, we are not doctors and cannot prescribe any sort of eating plan for individuals. If you have health related problems it is best to talk to your doctor before doing any diets. I do know that the DASH Diet was designed to lower blood pressure. You might want to look more at the DASH Diet and see if it’s what you’re looking for. Here is a quick menu featuring recipes and foods for the DASH Diet. You and your doctor can see if this is something that might work better for your needs.

Another diet idea I recently discovered is called Macrobiotics. This diet is not one that would work for me as I like meat and the macrobiotic diet is mostly vegan, but I think for some it may be a great choice. With the macrobiotic diet you can eat grains, some seafood, vegetables and some fruits. It should help in weight loss and is for sure a healthy eating plan compared to others.

Q: I was told by a friend that this 3 day diet was too low in calories and I shouldn’t do it. Is this true?
A: It all depends on the person’s current health and their eating habits. You should check with your doctor before using any diet including this one. We are not doctors, but have done the diet with success. While it is low in calories it should not harm an otherwise healthy person to use it for the 3 days and re-evaluate after to see results and measure how you felt while using it.

Q: I recently did the diet and lost about 6 lbs. I plan to continue and see how I can further the results.
My question is that I’m finding it difficult to keep the weight off, any suggestions for when you’re off the 3 days, what I can do to eliminate the cravings of going back to my old ways? Also I attended a graduation party and of course, they had terrific foods except they were not exactly diet friendly. I have a baby shower coming up, any ideas for healthy food ideas that I could bring or suggest?

A: Going back to old eating habits seems to be a very common problem with many diets. Once you are finished with the plan, it is very easy to fall back into unhealthy eating habits. The only suggestion I can make is to create a lifestyle change. Don’t do the diet thinking this is a limited time eating plan. Even though you will be re-introducing other food back into your diet after the 3 days, make healthy choices. Make it a life-long goal to stick to healthy eating and exercise. We all need a treat once in a while, but keep your will power strong and try to opt for healthy choices as much as possible.

I know exactly what you mean about the parties. The foods are always tasty and usually not that great for us. Doing a search I found a couple food ideas for a baby shower that could be your healthy answer and some were very creative ideas too. A very popular food item was the watermelon baby carriage. This fruit basket is packed with healthy ingredients and is shaped like a baby inside a carriage. The only ingredients are a variety of fruits, so how can you go wrong.