Once The Military Diet is Over it is Important to Maintain Your New Weight.

When it comes to any diet losing the weight isn’t usually the hard part, it’s keeping the weight away. A sudden blast of old habits and one can see all of the weight they just lost come back in a matter of days. Maintenance is the important part in every diet including the 3 day military diet, but unfortunately not many people know how or even where to begin. There are 5 very simple things to learn that will help ensure maintaining your ideal weight.

It’s important to understand how your body burns calories. The average body burns around 1800-2000 calories per day or your body weight Xs 10. The average person consumes 2400-3200 calories per day. Whatever calories may be left over in a day is stored. In order to lose 1lb of body weight, the body needs to burn an additional 2000 calories. The first thing the body does is burn through all needed nutrients and carbohydrates, before it moves on to harder things like sugars and last on the priority list, stored fat. Nutrients such as proteins are the easiest to burn. Protein is never stored which means a person could eat all the steak and chicken they wanted and never gain a lb. But unfortunately other nutrients are needed in order to give the body its energy to burn. The key to keeping weight off is to give the body more nutrients then waste. Waste is things like starches, sugars other food items with simply no nutritional value. The less time your body spends burning the things you eat the more time it has to focus on burning stored fat. High protein items and vegetables can be burned in minutes compared to a plate of lasagna which could result in an all night shift, leaving no time to move on before the next work load. Losing weight is not always about calorie intake but more about the way your body breaks down the foods you eat and how quickly. Eating the right food can result in more weight loss then eating less food.

When your body works hard to reach a certain weight, it needs time to adjust. A solid 2-3 weeks is important in teaching your body about how to handle its new situation. Your body burns and stores based on the needs set forth by you. It carefully calculates your food intake, nutritional intake, water consumption, vitamin levels and finally your activity levels. Based on these results your body programs itself accordingly to keep it running as efficiently as possible. If the results are unstable the body has no idea what is needed or not needed in order keep things running. “Do I save this, or let it go?” Our bodies have the tendency of overreacting, go one day without enough water and it will store 5 lbs of it! Keeping a desired nutrient from your body can send it into panic mode, forcing it to save things it doesn’t need out of the fear that it may never have them again. Once a body is programmed for a certain weight, it will do whatever it takes to keep that weight stable, it learns exactly what amounts of calories, nutrients, and water it needs on a daily basis.  When those levels are reached any extra is simply discarded allowing the body to maintain its programmed goal weight. That’s why it’s important to teach you body where you want to be by showing it a stable plan, so that it has the proper amount of time to get into routine.

Happy Weight
Everyone’s body has a “Happy Weight” this is a weight in which your body feels best at and runs at its most efficient. Most people discover this weight when they begin finding it difficult to keep up with their finely tuned burning machine, always feeling hungry and mowing through calories without putting on a pound. Finding your bodies “Happy Weight” can do wonders for your health and energy levels. This weight isn’t hard to find, you just need to listen to your body.

Think Natural
When eating think natural, just say no to processed foods! It’s important to give you body good healthy natural foods. Sugars and starches are fine as long and they are in healthy controlled amounts. When choosing things like bread; make the decision to pick something lower in fat, such as whole wheat or maybe a wrap substitute. Fresh vegetables are always better the canned, same goes for fruit. Never by meats from the freezer section of the store, always go for fresh. Processed meat is the worst thing for your body. If you can’t hunt it of grow it, it’s best to stay away from it.

Hoarding water is something everyone’s body loves to do. In fact most extra body weight is simply water. The average person can retain up to 7 lbs of just water weight. The body uses water for all types of fixes, regulating high sodium levels, digestive regularity, regulating body temperature and keeping our cells moving freely. The main reason for water retention is simply not consuming enough. The average body needs 8-9 glasses of water per day in order to function properly. Not maintaining water consumption can lead to not only water retention but also denigration, digestive problems and more, which in result all lead to weight gain and plateaus. People always want to learn how to lose water weight, and the trick is to drink more water!

Stay constant when trying to maintain any weight goal. Decide on a certain amount of time exercising and try and stick to it, even if it’s just a walk. Eat several times a day in small moderate portions, but do the same every day. Eating 4 small meals one day and not eating all day the next until dinner will only through your body off track. If you choose to give into cravings, do so in a way that isn’t overwhelming to your body. I naughty item such as a cookie or small bowl of ice cream is okay when it’s the reward of a healthy days eating. Eating fast food for lunch followed by pizza for dinner and cake for desert is a little overwhelming for a body seeking some sort of nutrition. When you eat healthy during the day there’s a good chance that by the time you get to that bowl of ice cream or candy your body has nothing left to burn and can focus on all that sugar.