Is the Military Diet Too Low in Calories?

This is a very difficult question to answer because everyone is different. What one person considers low calories might be high to another. It all depends on your current health and their eating habits. You should check with your doctor before using any diet including this one. We are not doctors, but have done the diet with success. Not just us, but many others have had success too. To view how many calories are in each day see the Military Diet menu for each day of the diet.

While it is true, the military diet is low in calories, it should not harm an otherwise healthy person to use this diet for the 3 days. One suggestion, is to try it for the first 3 days and re-evaluate after to see results and measure how you felt while on it. If the diet was overly difficult for you and you felt ill in any way, maybe the military diet is not for you. If you completed it, got the results you wanted and it was not overly difficult, then maybe the calorie amount in the diet’s plan is fine for you.

To say the diet is too low in calories is not all together true. However, day three of the military diet can be quite low for some people and should be tired with caution. As compared to most normal meal plans for today’s adults, yes, it would be considered low. No, we don’t believe it is too low for most healthy adults when we’re talking about a three day period. Again, it’s always a good idea to get your doctors opinion before doing the military diet or any other diet plan.