What if I Can’t Finish All the Food for a Given Day?

If you feel full, you may want to stop eating. This should be ok, but remember this could cause you to become overly hungry before your next meal. Eating less calories may provide further weight loss depending on the person. Most people who have had success with the military diet feel you should eat what is on each meal as it states. However, if you really are full than we don’t see a problem with not eating everything for a given meal. Remember, day three can get tough, you may feel full the first day, but by day three you may be glade you ate those extra items.

One complaint we hear often about the military diet is that at first it seems like there is a lot of food in each meal. The first day, and even second day appear to have somewhat large portions of food, especially for a weight loss diet program. This can be deceiving as once you get to the third day, you’re gonna feel the hunger. As you move through the second day and into day three it’s almost certain you will be hungry.

To simply answer this question yes, you could skip eating something if you just can’t finish. However, we’d recommend not doing this and to go ahead and eat each meal completely. This will help ensure you don’t go too hungry at the end. You could also substitute one of the food items from each meal using our food substitutes list.