weights military diet workoutJust like any diet program, exercise is encouraged during your 3 Day Military Diet.

Some working out is recommended while using the 3 Day Military Diet program, although it is not required. In order to achieve the best results possible when it comes to doing any diet, a well planned workout is essential. Now does a well planned workout mean spending hundreds of dollars hiring a trainer? The answer is no. All that is required in order to achieve a well planned workout is customization.

Set aside a time frame that fits your daily lifestyle in order to ensure that your workout is not neglected because of a busy schedule. That way we have no excuses.

Cardio is great, but hours on a treadmill or running won’t do anything but wear you and your body out. There is a common misconception about cardio and how much is required in order to have an effective workout. Usually 20-30 minutes tops is all you need to get some great results. Too much cardio can send the body into a catabolic state and start burning muscle instead of fat.

With any workout your body responds by adjusting to the new workloads that are demanded by the movement. The muscles then rebuild themselves in response to the changes and demands of the workload, which takes much effort. This is how calories are burned and fat is replaced with new strong muscle development. Unfortunately, at some point your body becomes fully adapted to the movement or workload, the effort required is diminished resulting in less calories burned in the process. That’s why it’s important to incorporate different exercises using weight and high intensity intervals to keep the body always guessing. Once the body foresees what’s coming next, the less the results will be. Using intervals and circuits are very easy and effective ways to lean and sculpt your body.

Using weight intervals you simply need two different weight barbell sets. After each set of reps simply alternate weights by using a planned interval strategy. Circuit intervals choose 3-4 workouts targeted for a specific area of the body. After each set, alternate between workouts with no more than a 60 second break in-between. These kinds of workouts can be done at home or in the gym.

When working out becomes a chore that’s when it becomes less likely that you will make time for it in your life. It’s always important to find a workout you actually enjoy even if it’s something as light as a brisk walk with the dog or some Zumba with the kids, either way its exercise!

Sports and Dance video games with the family are a great way to get in your daily cardio and exercise routine. Studies show that most people are willing to spend more time playing along with their kids then they spend at the gym, which is just as effective! More video games these days give the user full range of motion which targets more than one part of the body, also offers a wide selection to avoid any muscle adaptation too soon.

Working out should be fun as well as rewarding, so when making a plan choose something that not only fits your lifestyle, but also who you are as a person in order to ensure great success.