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The 3 Day Military Diet : Day 3 Menu

What can I eat on day three of the 3 day military diet?  Day 3 menu

military diet day 3 menu

Day three of the 3 day military diet has a total calorie count of about 1,000 calories.
To benefit from the diet you should stick to the meals shown for each day. Do not eat anything more than what is shown here for day three. Saving the hardest day for last. Day three offers the lightest day on the meals as you can see from the images.
Hang in there, you're almost done.
You should also always drink water throughout the day.
(calorie amounts shown are estimates)

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Day 3 Breakfast:

day 3 breakfast

Day 3 Lunch:

You may substitute (1) scrambled egg in place of the hard boiled egg. Try not to use salt or other additives.

day 3 lunch

Day 3 Dinner:

day 3 dinner