Day 1 Menu

Day one of the 3 day military diet has a total calorie count of about 1,250 calories.

To benefit from the Military Diet you should stick to the meals shown for each day. Do not eat anything more than what is shown here for day one. As you can see, the 3 Day Military Diet is not one of these extreme low calorie diets. In fact, you will realize as you move into days 2 and 3, that you get to eat a variety of foods with dinners that are very filling. You should also always drink water throughout the day.

(calorie amounts shown are estimates)

Military Diet
Day 1 Breakfast:

military diet day 1 breakfast

  • (1/2) of a grapefruit (52 calories)
  • (1) slice of toast (67 calories)
  • (2) tablespoons of peanut butter (188 calories)
  • coffee or tea

Military Diet
Day 1 Lunch:

military diet day 1 lunch

  • (1/2) cup of tuna (89 calories)
  • (1) slice of toast (67 calories)
  • coffee or tea

Military Diet
Day 1 Dinner:

military diet day 1 dinner

  • (3 oz.) of your favorite meat (200 calories)
    (Steak or chicken are good choices)
  • (1) cup green beans (34 calories)
  • (1/2) banana (53 calories)
  • (1) small apple (55 calories)
  • (1) cup vanilla ice cream (289 calories)

Military Diet Food List and Meals – Main Food Menu