Can I Use Mayo or Other Types of Sauce on the Foods?

No, this is not allowed if you plan to follow the military diet as designed. It will be tempting to use additives with the food items as many of them could be considered bland. Mayo, dressings, sauces and ketchup all have sugar and will add calories to your meals. This may cause disappointing results and all your hard work to go to waste.

Fortunately, we have some ideas for items you could use that may help with taste. Yet still keep you on track with your military diet goals. Salt and pepper are good seasonings to use in moderation, particularly being careful with the salt. Pepper is always good with most vegetables, like broccoli and it could also be used with eggs. One of the most asked about foods on the military diet is the tuna. People either love it or hate it. If you are a tuna eater or can tolerate it, lemon juice is an acceptable alternative to mayo when eating tuna on the diet. Remember, there is also a military diet food substitutes list that contains alternate foods for each item on the diet.

Most military dieters have said that strictly staying to the diet’s menu has produced the best results. We encourage you to eat the meals and stick to the diet as close as possible. Please use salt, pepper and lemon juice moderately if needed, just to add some taste. Do not use any sauces, dressings, mayo or other high calorie additives.

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