Can I Eat Scrambled Eggs Instead of Hard-Boiled?

Like many other diet programs, adhering to the recommended food list is always a good idea if you expect to achieve best results. However, the 3 day military diet does seem to allow for some room when using food substitutes. The hard-boiled eggs are no exception.

Day 2 and day 3 of the military diet have meals that include hard boiled eggs. Yes, you may substitute these hard-boiled eggs for scrambled eggs if desired. In fact, you could cook the egg any way you prefer. Please try and stay away from adding too much salt, milk or other additives to the eggs. In addition, the military diet substitutes list includes a variety of alternative foods you could use in place of the eggs. Other choices that would be acceptable are nuts, chicken or even bacon. You will need to keep the portions of these alternative foods equivalent to one egg. When they say bacon, this does not mean as much as you’d like, just 2 slices is all that’s allowed. This would also hold true for the nuts, just a ¼ cup will do it. I personally feel the egg, either scrambled or hard-boiled sounds more filling.

Again, for best results, stick with the hard-boiled egg as this is the recommendations of the military diet official food list. If you must substitute use scrambled eggs, or last-case scenario use one of the approved alternative foods.

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