Are There Substitutions for Some of the Foods on the Military Diet?

Yes, there is a military diet food substitutions list on this site. Also feel free to incorporate any ideas you may have as well! Because there isn’t a whole lot of information out there for the 3 day military diet, we find that there are so many unexplored avenues yet to be revealed. For example, I have been using “cuties” (little oranges) instead of grapefruit and it works great!

Some say it is the exact combination of foods making up the military diet, which result in weight loss. I think most people would disagree. It is the low calorie intake that may produce the loss of weight. Many of the foods on the military diet are also easily burned by the body. Food items like fruits and vegetables are not stored as fat by the body. Because of this almost any similar food item could be substituted for the recommended foods.

If at all possible stick the the recommended military diet food list. If you must substitute an item, use the substitutes list link above. We’ve included some other military diet food substitute lists below. These are also other great resources in general for the military diet.

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