What is the 3 Day Military Diet?

The 3 Day Military diet consists of just 3 days of a very simple and easy to follow food list. The key to this diet is not the amount of calories consumed but rather the interaction between the different foods in each meal and how they work with your body and break down each other.  There may be some substitutions in the food list but none proved enough to hold the exact same effect. As stated before the 3 day military diet is not simply about calories or nutritional value, it’s about the chemical balance of each food. It is highly recommended to stick to the 3 day military diet food list as closely as possible to get the maximum results the 3 day military diet can offer you. Follow these 3 simple meal plans and watch as the diet works its magic!!

Working out is recommended for the 3 day military diet but nothing too vigorous. Some simple cardio per day will do the job. Also make sure to drink lots of water!!! Water is a very important part of any diet. The average person should consume around 2 liters per day.

Once you finish your 3 day diet, take 4 days off. Eat healthy and exercise regularly during these 4 days. Then if you choose you may do the 3 days on again. This can be repeated over and over until you get the results your ‘re looking for. Just remember 3 days on 4 days off.