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When it comes to losing weight one of the most crippling factors that causes its victims to fail is “time”. We want to lose weight fast and we want it to be effortless! Unfortunately most instant gratification techniques on the market these days aren’t really deemed as “safe”. Depriving your body of large amounts of calories or major nutritional foods groups can not only take a toll of your health but also set you up for failure. In the end that instant fix becomes nothing more than that “instant” here one day gone the next. The reason for this is because when you take away a highly valued nutrition source, your body goes into shock! So the next time your body recognizes that source, instead of using it, it stores it out of the fear of never getting it again. The longer the amount of time without that source the worse your body will over react! So unless you intend on dieting for the rest of your life crash diets aren’t the answer.

But why can’t we have both? With all of the brilliant minds in this world that we possess, why hasn’t someone come up with the answer? Could there ever be a diet that gives us both; instant gratification and isn’t deemed “harmful” to our bodies?  Well, this could be the answer! The “3 Day Military Diet” is a 3 day meal plan that produces instant weight loss results in just what it says, 3 days. The results can range anywhere from 5-10 lbs in 3 days when followed and done correctly. But wait aren’t crash diets bad? Fortunately, The 3 Day Military Diet can’t be marked as a crash diet, because each of the daily meals provides over 1000 calories to the body per day.

The cutting of calories isn’t the fuel behind the 3 day military diet's success. It’s the chemical introduction and partnership of the foods in the meal plan and the way in which they work together that produces amazing results! Each food group is introduced to your body each day which gives it the proper sources of nutrition it needs and craves. The best part is that it proves itself in the first day, which easily comforts the mind of most skeptics. It’s Fast, Simple and Safe!